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Hey, I’m Carter Surach.

It’s been about 7 years i’ve been in the marketing industry. Early in my career I was captivated by graphic design and video production.

After learning about web design, seo, performance PPC marketing and the results these services can render, I pivoted my focus to Green Line Media.

Currently, I wear many hats at Green Line Media but my main focuses are hiring talented contractors, and formulating high level strategy for clients.

When working with us you can expect a good balance of science-based decision making to maximize your results and a creative approach when writing ad copy and designing websites.

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carter surach
carter surach

Our guiding principles.

Ray Dalio – the billionaire hedge fund manager that some of you may know wrote a great book called principles. It inspired me because Ray has seen radical success by creating and following frameworks based on experiences he has had. So I created my own principles to help us navigate daily operations at Green Line Media, here they are.


Perfect harmony between your goals and our goals.

Small, medium, large. No matter the size. Every organization needs a goal. Or as we like to say at Green Line Media, “a north star”. So what is our north star?

Plain and simple: To position ourselves and maintain the title of #1 digital marketing agency in Michigan and eventually all of the United States. In other words, we want to become the best and stay the best.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. To say we are the best, we have to actually be the best for our customers. When you work with Green Line Media you can expect A+ level marketing because in order for us to become the best, we believe our customers should have the best digital marketing strategy in their respective field after using our services.

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FAQs you might have.

Naturally there are those who ask questions about digital marketing. It’s a new, obscure idea in the world, so here are some frequently asked questions and our answers.