Hiring Copywriter with experience in SEO and direct response copy!

Our agency is expanding. Currently we have seven digital ad accounts under management and dozens of website builds popping up throughout the month. We need a dedicated copywriter who possesses the following skillsets:

SEO Copywriting ✍🏽
Have the ability to write:
– Blogs that generates ranking positions!
– Meta descriptions that encourage relevant click-through.
– Website copy that’s well-researched.

Direct Response Copywriting 🧭
Have the ability to write digital ad copy for local businesses looking to generate leads and purchases.

If this sounds like you, then you should consider applying. Here are some additional requirements that you should browse through:

Job Requirements 🏗
– Be creative and comfortable in your role. Quick thinking, bold thinking and confidence are traits that we look for in copywriters.

– Please be able to provide data-driven results that resulted from your copywriting. (Both SEO and Direct Response)

– No formal education required. I will judge you based on your past results, not your certifications.

Responsibilities 👨🏽‍💻
Be willing to work with people. You should be able to make it to weekly 30 minute team zoom calls to present your results from the past week and plan for the coming week.

Getting You Paid (+Benefits) ✨
– Work on your own schedule as long as you’re hitting weekly goals and your work quality is held to a high standard.

– Pay Per Word Gigs: I’m looking to pay long term on a project-by-project basis. Your starting pay will range from .10 to .15 per word based on your past experience and what you are bringing to the table in terms of results for our clients.

– Work Virtually! No office hours, only one team meeting per week, work from your laptop!

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